Left or right thinker?

Because we were so busy with the theory about how our brain works and in particular the difference between the left and the right part i have an easy test for you.

Look at the dancer. Is she moving clockwise or counter clockwise?

Most people see the dancer moving counter clockwise. But when you focus on something else next to the dancer you can see a change in the movement.

If you see her moving counter clockwise you are using your leftbrain and if you see her moving clockwise you are using your rightbrain.

Nice and simple example. Let me know what you observe!

Function of left brain (e.g.):

- Logic
- Focussing on details
- Facts rule
- Words and language
- Mathematics en science
- Recognize patterns
- Practical

Function of right brain (e.g.):

- Uses sense
- Bigger picture (vs. details)
- Imagination
- Symbols and pictures
- Fantasy
- Dares to take risk
- Philosophy and religion


  1. Nice video! It took my some time, but eventually I saw her turning clockwise!