New perspective, new meaning; World's First Undersea Sculpture Park

Imagine diving down deep clear water to explore underwater sculpture park that sing the saga of the lost world. Is it hard to believe? Believe it, for the next few minutes you are going to explore this unique sculpture park by Jason de Caires Taylor. Some may find it eerie and some fantastic, but none can neglect them and pass away, for their tide of attraction is stronger to pull you back to the warmth of the sea underneath.

The underwater sculpture gallery is a project aiming to create a unique space which highlights environmental processes and explores the complex relationships between art and its environment. The project is a platform to promote the re-generation of marine life. It uses sculpture as a means of conveying hope and environmental awareness. It even helps us understand the need to protect the natural world. Jason Taylor was inspired by the works of Richard Long, Christo and Claus Oldenberg, who focused on the connection between the object and the environment.

Currently there are 65 sculptures in the park covering the area of 75 square meters. All the sculptures weigh around 20 tons. Jason started sculpting images from February 2006 and ended the whole project on June 2007. The sculptures, sited in clear shallow waters help the viewers to have an easy access to divers, snorkellers and those in glass-bottomed boats.
( source; www.underwatersculpture.com & http://living.oneindia.in )

Watch the movieclip to feel a new way in experiencing art..

( source; www.underwatersculpture.com & http://living.oneindia.in )

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  1. Wow... amazing, and very Titanic! But it also appears to me as unheimisch, even scary!