Wii Music: Where is the love?

Consumers from all over the world don't seem to be blown away by the newest Wii game, Wii Music. According to an analysist of USB business bank, it is possible that Wii Music will turn out to be the first major disappointment of Wii.

Last November, an important present-shopping month, only 297,000 copies of the game were sold in the United States. Both Wii Play and Wii Fit sold twice as much copies.

A spokesperson of Nintendo Netherlands states that due to the new concept and the fact that people have to get used to it, Wii Music doesn't sell as fast as Wii Fit. He also claims that they didn't expect it would be a success right away.

Wii Music players (or musicians?) can either play instruments like tambourine, saxophone or drums alone or with others. Using the Wii remote in the right rhythm, it seems that the players are playing real instruments. Groovy!

The game doesn't contain any form of performance reward, unlike other music games (Guitar Hero!). Especially real gamers have to grow accustomed to this. They say in that way, it is not a real game. Also, the general public doesn't seem to get to concept right away.

Yes, it is all about extrinsic motivation when it comes to gaming!

Hereby a true classic game song! Enjoy! I think the drums sound pretty cool, but the other instruments...

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