Practical wisdom - doing the right thing, at the right time - has dimensions (e.g. moment of making a decision, active parts of the brain and (un)consciousness). Malcolm Gladwell gives us some insight into the power of making a right decision, an ability everyone has, in Blink. He not only argues the power of blink, trusting on your insights, snap judgements (that take place behind a locked door: the unconscious) and your gut feelings, but also explains errors of this. Some solutions can only be found in a blink of a moment. "Taking our powers of rapid cognition seriously means we have to acknowledge the subtle influences that can alter or undermine or bias the products of our unconscious." In this way, according to Malcolm, if you take charge for the first two seconds, you can see someone for who they really are...


The importance of EQ & Wisdome in New Business

To add up to the story about left brain / right brain, I found this nice TED movie about the importance of different elements regarding to the EQ of people: improvising, social meaning, inspiration, wisdome, breaking the rules are tags for this movie. Enjoy.