Why whole-brainers will rule the world

In popular research the distinction between different functions of the left part and right part of the brains is very common and known. (for example this book). It is argued creativity is something that is located on the right side of the brains, and straight-forward thinking is located on the left side.

However, just to relate to this matter from another perspective Peter Weiler states in his book Mindmapping (ISBN: 978-90-438-0832-3), that it is absolute nonsense that creativity is located in the right part of the brains. Two parts of the brain indeed have different capabilities. This concerns at the left side for example speech and at the right side the capability to understand a situation as a whole. For the Dutch people, this article states the same.

As a result, is is not about which side of the brain is dominant but in what way the parts work together. If the brain were not functioning as a holistic part, humor would be impossible to understand and long texts would be impossible to understand since this is a result of both parts of the brain. Therefore, if you decide to only use 50 percent of your brains, thats fine. But very likely whole-brainers will rule the world.