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The clip from the movie I spoke of in my literature review:


Hi, I'm a MAC..

I really am not going to elaborate too much, just wanted to show you some videos I found, that shows how relationships between "competitors" can evolve... as the leaders themselves evolve...

Please look at them in order.

This is the world we know now:

And mainly it is due to this attitude:

What you may not know is:


But why I choose Mac:

To sum up:


' Whereas once I was blind, now I can see. '

As we start this blog in an inspiring way with a great Ima movie example (thank you for that Mr. Romirez), I would also like to contribute to this kick-off of online co-creation.

In atmosphere of linking Imagineering to the white screen, I would like to recommend you guys also a great movie that has many great touch points with the New Economy we are exploring. I don't consider it as one of the greatest movies ever made, but with eye on service experience & transformation...it really is one of a kind.

The movie is called: The Game ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119174/ )
Synopsis: The main character of The Game, Nicholas Van Orton (M. Douglas) is a successful businessman, but his success has come at the cost of his family life; when the movie opens, he is divorced, distant from his caring ex-wife and cold toward his relatives and social environment. On Nicholas's 48th birthday, his little brother presents him an unusual gift, a game offered by a company called Consumer Recreation Services promising that it will change Nicholas' life.
During the movie the Game takes over Nicholas life, challenging all his norms & values by putting him in situations as being chased, saving people, and give up his material goods. At a certain point of the movie Nicholas (and you as a viewer) comes to the believe that The Game is a scam to expropriate his capital. At the end of the adventure of chasing the people scamming him, he accidentally shoots his little brother. At that moment Nicholas realized that everything he stands for in life, all his core values and principles weren't the ones making him ,or the people that were important to him, happy. But everything was too late now....he killed his little brother and life was no good for him anymore, he decides to commit suicide and jumps off a skyscraper.....

What happened next....check the last 8 minutes of the movie, and you will understand why this is a movie about an ultimate and intense staged experience that leads to a transformation companies in the New Economy can only (wet) dream of...


"In this room all of my dreams become realities...

...and some of my realities become dreams".

Gene Wilder's interpretation of Willy Wonka states this phrase right before he opens the door to the heart of the Wonka Chocolate Factory, in the original version of the movie.

This, I believe is a truth that mirrors our aspiration in the upcoming year. A truth that should not only manifest itself in the constraints of a university classroom or an application company, but in as many places (physical or otherwise) as we can.

For this reason, I applaud the initiative of our classmates in creating this nook for the free exchange of information, entertainment, sources and other things we deem fit for sharing with each other. After all, we speak so much about communities and co-creation, let's put it to practice: let's customize the learning experience we will go through in this upcoming year.

In this spirit, I will carry on the theme of my post, and share with you one of my favorite movies... of course, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The story of a man who manages his factory as a kid would, yet with a knack for constant experiments of innovation, a motivated work force (although a uniformed, nameless one) and resulting in the capture of children's dream. The magic that glued this together, as Willy Wonka, says in his song, is Imagination.

Once again, congratulations to the trailblazers, and I'm looking foward to reading everyone's contributions. I leave you with something I hope you enjoy.

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