The need for a chief innovation officer

I was reading the innovation part of businessweek.com and the following title grabbed my attention:

"Obama Needs a Secretary of Innovation"

After one phrase about how innovation should be merged into the new government of the USA, the writer of the article, Thomas D. Kuczmarski, continues with some very interesting thoughts about how innovation is a must for companies in the present crisis-situation.

"I often debate with chief executives about the importance of hiring a chief innovation officer. They often don't see the need. They argue that innovation is everybody's job. Or they confuse it with research and development and say it already is being done. My point—and it applies to economic recovery as much as it does to product development—is that innovation is a multidisciplinary and disciplined process that needs to be managed and led. If everybody is in charge, then nobody is, and little gets accomplished, if anything at all. Or worse—and this may sound familiar to anyone who has followed Washington—there is a lot of action based only on guesswork, not on a careful exploration of what really is needed."

"Now, in the midst of recession, companies need to innovate more than ever. Yet too many are choosing instead to hunker down, postpone investments in R&D, and avoid risk-taking until the market has stabilized. The companies that continue to build an innovation culture and make modest investments to keep the innovation pipeline full will be the ones that enjoy a big competitive advantage a few years from now."

Read the whole story here


I got something you can touch right HERE!

Without expressing my opinion...watch this movie...

It is truly hilarious !!!


Endlessly zooming on Tokyo

In addition to the message of Dirk below, I will add a link to an extraordinary picture. It consists of 602 photos of 6 Megapixels each. They are merged into a photo of 112,794 x 55,100 pixel or 6,2 Gigapixels. This results in the possibility to zoom almost endlessly. Awesome!


Enjoy discovering Tokyo!

There also is the website of the memorabilia of The Hardrock Café:



New way of browsing

I added a picture which seems to be an ordinary picture. But experiment with it after clicking on it (fullscreen would be nice). Pretty awesome isn't it?! It is a made with a program of Microsoft called Seadragon. They say this will be the, hassle-free / scroll-free, new way of browsing...

And what about this one:

It looks like the navigation of picture-viewing on the iPhone. Now we can also do it with pictures on the internet and with our mouse.

Of course, the picture of our class, beside our beautiful faces, is a little bit dull. Imagine what you can do if there is a picture in a picture and an overall rich background. Experiment with the next example (link):

Website Bike

Again it looks like an ordinary picture, but look at the squares. There is text in it and also pictures. Zoom in on them. You can see things that were not noticable in the general picture at the beginning. When you are zoomed in and you press the home button in the screen you go back to normal again and you can see how far you were zooming in without noticing it.

Am I the only one who finds it rather addictive??