Inspiration, anyone?

Remember the movieclip of the advertiser and the consumer, sitting in a restaurant and talking about their relationship? The makers of the commercial 'Bring the love back - The Break Up' won already four awards for this creative, inspiring, but most of all funny movie. Right now their second movie is presented on the Internet. He is still an advertiser, she is no longer a consumer. Does he have a plan? And will she buy it? I would invite you all to see this 'Inspiration, anyone?'.



  1. Great movie! And they earned the awards for the other movie because it was hilarious! I wonder if the marketing and advertising agencies get the message...

  2. I love it, still hilarious.. 'I lost my consumer, so I am solving my problem by making it your problem...' Genius.

    Yes Dirk, now it is the question does the story in this movie... 'Stick'!?