Duracell energy drink

This is a great example of how a brand can extend their portfolio by thinking outside the box. Duracell introduced an energy drink with the looks of their battery lay-out.

I followed some blogs that also posted about this new product and the reactions/comments were very different. Some found it great and others thought that it was absolutely silly.

I think it is magnificent. The scope of Duracell, with their batteries, was extremely narrow and because of heavy competition they had to come up with something different. I see batteries as mobile energy suppliers. Therefore an energydrink, to my opinion, is a perfect combination. I am looking forward to also have Duracell coffee, fruit, energybars and maybe even sporting clothes/shoes. Why not? They all can supply the consumer with mobile energy. Direct or indirect.

What do you think of it?

Look at their website for more information about the Duracell Energy Drink.


  1. Dear Dirk, first of all let me thank you for your comment. My name is Karin Brezinova and I´m one of the +DURACELL ENERGY DRINK team. I would like to mention one important note: this energy drink does not come from the producer of Duracell Batteries (Procter&Gamble). It is a product of company El NIŇO BEVERAGES, a.s.
    I´m curious how did you find out about +DURACELL ENERGY DRINK? thx

  2. Dear Karin,

    I used the following websites for my post:

    www.duracelldrink.com and http://www.molblog.nl/innovatie/7991 (in Dutch)

    With kind regards,


  3. Dear Dirk,

    www.duracelldrink.com is our official website and we do not present our energy drink as a product of Duracell Batteries. Unfortunately I do not speak Dutch. Also if you would see the can you would find out the correct producer.

    Best regards,

  4. Seems to be a fake product....why did you use duracell battery brand name?

  5. what is the difference detween www.duracellenergy.com and www.duracelldrink.com ??? who is the official site??


  6. I think it is great! Cool idea. I get many smiles when i offer people this drink.

    I am dissapointed that it is not Duracell company. It would have been such a smart move. But whom ever came up with the idea is a genious.
    It is so logical, anyone could have come up with it, but only one person did.
    That is the power of great ideas. It feels like it is so obvious that eveni could think of it. But i didn't.
    And i am jealous of the person who did.
    I think it is really cool.

    Where can i buy more cans?
    I live in Holland.

    I bought them in Prague.

    The Chech people have more insane ideas like Garic flavoured crisps. Really strong flavour. Brilliant!!!

    Smiles from Amsterdam


  7. Oh ....and the product tastes good. Not like battery acid ;ike some do.

  8. cool idea-
    check out the tylenol sports drink though hahaha


  9. battery energy drink has done this "battery" thing before.


  10. I guess Karin should answer the question above, why do they use Duracell brand name?

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  12. I think why they should not use Duracell name for the drink?? As long as it's legal and NO ONE came up with this great idea before..Well done guys!!!!!

  13. how could i have agancy of duracell energy drink in dubai..

  14. The Battery Energy Drink has been around since mid 1990's, it's made by Sinebrychoff in Finland.

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  16. Je viens de recevoir des produits pareils à boire de marque Camelion, tous les fabricants de piles en vendent maintenant. C'est pas mauvais comme gout.

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  20. Now Duracell can give energy to living things as well!!!! But it scared me a little first.Non alcoholic beverage from Duracell!!! Interesting.

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