Power of perspectives..

After the classes of Vincent Platenkamp I started thinking of some other examples which could explain the relevance of different perspectives..

Need of multiple perspectives

As I mentioned during class, one good example of a movie which gives you a good insight in how important different perspectives are is; vantage point. This movie is based on the principle that you need the perspective of all the people involved in one single scene (the assassination of a president) to get the complete picture. Underneath you can find the trailer of the movie. (If you have the time, I recommend you to watch it. If any of you needs a copy of the movie let me know.)

Trailer of the movie 'Vantage Point'

Power of using just one particular perspective

In contrast to this movie, I wanted to show you some pictures of an amazing artist callad Julian Beever (or also called; the Pavement Picasso)

Painting of the Pavement Picasso, made with crayon. As you can see it looks like a nice 3D drawing of our planet, sketched on one of the most busy places in Edinburgh city. His art is amazing as you can see, the only thing is that people can only view his art from one perspective. As you can see in the next picture..

This is just one of his great drawings, for more examples please take a look at the following website; http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm

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