Imagineering Startpage

I wanted to inform you that during summer I designed my own startpage on the internet which contains all relevant information on imagineering related subjects. Reason that I started this homepage is that I thought it was pretty difficult to find any platforms that have combined some of the elements of Imagineering the way we know it.

Please have a look at the webpage; http://imagineering.startpagina.nl

(picture above is example of one of the items on the startpage, an office building of Longaberger Basket Company, Newark/Ohio..)

Unfortunately it is in Dutch, but some of the links will be self explanatory even for the foreigners amongst us. Thing that I like is that this startpage contains quite a lot of practical examples on companies that have thought outside of the well-known box.. (or reshaped their box like whe have learned could be an interesting perspective as well.. ;) ) I also included a list of nice buildings/concepts to see when you go abroad during trips. Some of these companies are well known, other ones I bumped into myself during some of my trips.

Most of the items posted on the startpage are found during my own research, or I got inspired by books. I would like to ask you, if you could keep your eyes open, and if you would have any advise on things that could be added to the website to let me know, It would be a nice place to get some sort of an overview on Imagineering related topics for both us as future (imagineering) students.

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